Expert Electrical Services are a small family business based on a foundation of high quality, reliable and affordable electrical work.

We are experts in the field

Expert Electrical Services offer a multi-layered service encompassing a wide range of electrical work for your home or business. Our knowledgeable electricians are adept in everything electrical, from installation to maintenance and repair.

We offer not only a safe installation of electrical appliances, wiring, cables and systems but also a careful and considered safety inspection to identify faults and hazards. Whether you require on the spot electrical repair, the set-up of electrical appliances or a safe and secure security system, we have you well and truly covered.

High Quality Electrical Work

Expert Electrical Services are committed to maintaining highly knowledgeable, experienced electricians, properly prepared to deal with a wide variety of situations. Dealing with the serious nature of electrical work requires professional expertise, this is why all of our electricians utilise only the finest quality gear in adherence with the latest industry regulations. 

Our business offers a truly multi-faceted service, covering all of the major and minor electrical aspects of your home or business. All of the work we provide is conducted by highly trained technicians applying cutting edge techniques and most importantly, working in a safe manor. 

Fully Licensed & Insured

When you hire Expert Electrical, all electrical work conducted comes with a complete guarantee of a safe and legally sound process. Our business is entirely covered by all required insurances, licenses and adheres to the latest up-to-date industry regulations. Avoid the potential pitfalls of shoddy electrical work by hiring us, a fully insured and licensed provider of high quality electricians.

Competitive & Fair Pricing

Expert Electrical Services prides itself on providing you with high quality work at an affordable price.
No matter the need, our devotion to a fair and honest deal remains the same.
For all work conducted we offer a truly open and transparent pricing system, free from any hidden costs or unwanted surprises.