Need a reliable electrician in Kingswood? You’re in great hands with Expert Electrical Services. With over 10 years of residential and commercial experience, we offer lasting solutions for competitive industry prices.

From routine electrical safety inspections to complex installation of electrical wiring and circuits, our team is dedicated to delivering services that meet client specifications with precision. Reach out to us now for local electrical services!

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Our approach is built upon a strong foundation of honesty. Throughout the entire process, we endeavour to be upfront at all times, keeping you in the loop from quote to completion. Whether you require repair, maintenance or installation, all fees will be happily provided.

EES: Your Source for a Licensed Electrician in Kingswood

Operating across the KIngswood area, Expert Electrical Services provides top-tier electrical solutions for both residential and commercial clients. Our licensed electricians are trained to handle a wide range of electrical tasks, as well as equipped with the latest tools and technologies to find a lasting solution.

Whether you need immediate repairs or are planning a major upgrade, we can send a licensed electrician straight to your Kingswood property and do our best to find the perfect resolution.

Residential & commercial electrical services

Proudly servicing Jordan Springs and all surrounding areas of Sydney, Expert Electrical Services are a small family business based on a foundation of high quality, reliable and affordable electrical work

Comprehensive Electrical Inspections for Kingswood Homes and Businesses

Electrical inspections are both a requirement and a wise move for any property owner. Whether you’re leasing a home or running a business, you need a licensed professional to carry out a detailed inspection of the property’s electrical systems.

As fully licensed and insured contractors, we offer affordable electrical safety inspections across the Kingswood area. Here, a knowledgeable electrician will carefully assess your switchboard, fixtures and test them in accordance with current industry standards. If something is identified, such as a faulty smoke alarm, we will then provide expert recommendations or fix the issue on the spot.

Our team in Kingswood is adept at tailoring services to align perfectly with client requirements, whether it’s upgrading outdated systems or integrating cutting-edge technology for improved functionality and energy efficiency. By choosing Expert Electrical Services, you ensure that your electrical inspections are handled by a licensed electrician that’s committed to safety and quality.

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Why Choose Expert Electrical Services As Your Electrician in Kingswood?

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  • Local Expertise in Kingswood: Our deep understanding of the Kingswood area’s electrical standards and challenges ensures that we provide solutions that are both effective and compliant with local regulations.
  • Tailored Services: Every service is crafted to meet the unique demands of your Kingswood property, from the complexity of electrical circuits to the specifics of safety fittings.
  • High-Quality Materials: We use only the best materials that meet stringent safety standards, enhancing the durability and reliability of your electrical systems.
  • Innovative Solutions: We bring the latest in electrical technology to Kingswood, offering everything from advanced security systems to smart, energy-efficient upgrades.
  • Dedicated Customer Care: Our Kingswood clients enjoy dedicated support and prompt service, ensuring their electrical needs are met with professionalism and courtesy.

Safety and Compliance: Our Priority in Kingswood

When it comes to electrical work, safety is our utmost priority. Our Kingswood electricians ensure that every project, big or small, complies with the highest safety standards. This dedication not only minimises risks but also helps in promoting a safer living and working environment in Kingswood.

Electrical safety inspections in Kingswood are a critical part of our service offering. These inspections help in identifying and mitigating potential hazards that could lead to accidents or equipment failures. By addressing these issues proactively, we help Kingswood residents and business owners avoid costly and dangerous electrical problems.


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If you are in Kingswood and in need of professional, reliable electrical services, look no further than Expert Electrical Services. We ensure that every project undertaken meets our high standards for quality and safety.

For a detailed consultation or to schedule a service visit in Kingswood, please contact us at 0432 170 800. Let’s enhance the safety and efficiency of your property with superior electrical solutions crafted specifically for you.

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Since our foundation, Expert Electrical have been unwavering in our dedication to master the craft of lighting installation, maintenance and repair. Our service is carried out by electricians equipped with vast experience in providing lighting specifically designed to adapt to different residential environments

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Expert Electrical Services prides itself on providing you with high quality work at an affordable price.
No matter the need, our devotion to a fair and honest deal remains the same.
For all work conducted we offer a truly open and transparent pricing system, free from any hidden costs or unwanted surprises.

Frequently Asked Questions – Electrician Kingswood

Electricians in Kingswood offer a comprehensive suite of services including installation of electrical circuits, professional electrical wiring, detailed electrical safety inspections, immediate repairs, and major upgrades tailored to both residential and commercial needs.

Signs that your Kingswood property might require electrical attention include frequent power outages, flickering lights, or unusual noises from electrical panels. It’s advisable to contact a licensed Kingswood electrician for a detailed inspection to assess and resolve any issues.

Choosing a local Kingswood electrician ensures that you receive fast and reliable service from professionals familiar with the specific electrical regulations and standards of the area. This local expertise guarantees effective, compliant, and safe electrical solutions.

Regular electrical safety inspections in Kingswood help identify potential hazards that could lead to serious accidents or system failures. Such proactive assessments ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems, preventing costly and dangerous problems in the future.

You can contact a reliable Kingswood electrician by calling 0432 170 800. This will allow you to schedule a detailed consultation or arrange for a service visit, ensuring that your electrical needs are addressed promptly and professionally by expert local electricians.

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